A Legacy of affection lies in the Morgue

Baloch icon Karima Baloch.
Baloch icon Karima Baloch.

As suddenness of your recalls in dark come into my dreams
I run fast into the avenue of solitary
My feet feel as if, are confiscated and locked up
My breathings get pinged off via the throat
The war of survival and inexistence run parallel inside me
It takes me in a perturbing situation,
I’m surrounded by untamed souls
The flock of chirping birds seen flying overhead
As darkness gets dreadful
I can see the tall wild trees falling straight down
I shiver, the bizarre sweats spread over my sensations
When I tremble,
It frightens me more,
As suffocation of existence gets widen
I see a dead body enfolded in roses
I see a beautiful soul with life taking smiles
I see a wishful girl
With uncountable desires
But immortal
lying in a morgue
The darkness scattered around
Feels blessed with a fragrance of beauty
It lightens me
As I see, a scattered smile
It comforts me internally
I feel a frightening push muffled
The scary chirps entertaining
I see a dead body lying face to me
Getting me closer to the vistas of dawn
I mourn
It solaces me
I weep
It consoles me
As I move ahead
There I find
A legacy of affection lies
As I think of being surrounded with contents
There I can see a morgue
Where a legacy of affection rests.
(Dedicated to Banuk Karima Baloch)

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