Baloch families’ sit-in protest against enforced disappearances enter day 12 in Turbat

The sit-in protest for the safe recovery of enforcedly disappeared
The sit-in protest (Photo - X)

The sit-in protest by families of forcibly disappeared Baloch individuals has entered its twelfth day, with demonstrators braving harsh conditions to demand justice for their missing loved ones.

Elderly men and other family members have been camping out in scorching temperatures, even after being neglected from local authorities. The administration’s inaction amounts to cruel punishment of those seeking answers about their disappeared relatives.

The ongoing demonstration highlights the contentious issue of enforced disappearances in Pak-occupied-Balochistan, a systematic campaign targeting the Baloch community. These disappearances are part of broader oppressive practices by Pak Army aimed at suppressing dissent in the region.

Despite facing oppression and atrocities, protesters remain resolute. The situation is a direct violation of human rights, citing both the disappearances themselves and the treatment of protesting families as deliberate attempts to inflict psychological and physical harm on the Baloch community.

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