Baloch students rally for reopening of Sikandar university in Khuzdar

Educational Rally Demands Reopening of Sikandar University in Khuzdar
Students rally (Photo - Web)

The Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC) organized an awareness walk in Khuzdar on Wednesday, calling for the restoration of Sikandar University as part of their ongoing Baloch Literacy Campaign.

Students marched through the city streets before staging a sit-in protest outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office. The demonstration aimed to highlight the region’s educational challenges and press for the reopening of Shaheed Sikandar University.

On this occasion, the speakers said that the purpose of the rally is to overcome educational backwardness in Khuzdar and restore educational institutions.

The Shaheed Sikandar University remains closed despite being ready. The purpose of keeping it closed is to keep the Baloch nation away from education. Educational institutions from schools to universities are suffering from backwardness.

Protesters pointed out widespread issues affecting education in the area. They cited a lack of facilities in libraries and noted that only one library in the entire district is currently operational, with occupied-govt libraries in other tehsils remaining locked.

Under the Pak Army occupation, Balochistan has suffered immensely, not only in terms of a lack of basic facilities but also marginalization, violence, and bloodshed for the past many decades.

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