Balochistan pays tribute to Dr Mannan Baloch on his martyrdom day

Dr Mannan Baloch was a towering Baloch intellectual. (Photo: News Intervention)
Dr Mannan Baloch was a towering Baloch intellectual. (Photo: News Intervention)

Martyr Dr Mannan Baloch (former Central Secretary General Baloch National Movement) was a great personality. He struggled day and night for the sake of our motherland– Balochistan, to free her from occupying Pakistan. Dr Mannan Baloch was a bold warrior who never kneeled throughout his life. He fought enemies with a brave face and with a fearless heart. Dr Mannan looked upon nation’s pain as his own pain and struggled against the injustices and troubles which are barriers against an independent Balochistan.

Dr Mannan Baloch was a real leader of the Baloch nation who was always ready to sacrifice his life for the betterment of Balochistan. Baba Mannan Jan’s political career was so much effective and impressive that not only we (the family members) but everyone throughout Balochistan loved Baba Mannan as much as they could.

Dr Manan Baloch had faced a lot of trouble and difficulties during his life and yet he always faced these problems with a beautiful smiling face. He treated everyone with a smiling face.

Martyr Dr Manan left all his luxuries and facilities, including his government job (of a doctor) and involved himself with the struggle for freedom and independence of Balochistan.

Shaheed Baba Dr Mannan Jan was an effective leader, due to his better and effective strategies his enemies always felt insecure. That’s why, they tried to shoot him using different types of tactics, and yet they remained unsuccessful for a long time.
Dr Allah Nazar Baloch pays tribute to Martyr Dr Mannan Baloch

Dr Mannan thought not only about his family, but for the whole nation.

However, the enemies of Baloch nation did manage to attack him and shoot him on head along with four other members of Baloch National Movement (BNM). Sajid (Bachuk Jan), Ashraf, Haneef, Baboo Noroz were martyred at Mastung on 30th of January 2016 early in the morning before Sunrise.

It was such a great loss for Baloch nation, but Balochistan knows his great ideology and so his ideology will always survive amongst us until this world exists.

The best way to pay tributes to such a loving leader like Dr Manan Baloch is to follow his footsteps and imbibe his ideology of an independent Balochistan from Pakistani occupation. Today I pay him my rich tributes.

I can proudly say that Shaheed Baba is still alive in our hearts, in our thoughts and in our expressions. We will never forget him and never leave his ideology behind. We will struggle, we will resist and we will fight against Pakistani State for an independent Balochistan.

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