Balochistan: World must intervene to stop Pak atrocities

Pakistani security forces firing upon unarmed innocent Baloch civilians in occupied Balochistan. (Photo: News Intervention)
Pakistani security forces firing upon unarmed innocent Baloch civilians in occupied Balochistan. (Photo: News Intervention)

Today’s Balochistan is the “hub” of human rights violations. Pakistan has occupied Baloch land and has a history of indulging in human rights violations across occupied Balochistan. And all proof of Pakistan’s grievous violations of Baloch rights can easily be traced everywhere across Balochistan. Victims of such heinous violations do not belong to a family, rather spread across entire communities.

The policy of arbitrary arrest and detention, unlawful and illegal abductions, kill and dump are not new to the region. Thousands of Baloch have gone missing and many still continue to be disappeared, and taken to unknown locations. Under the kill and dump policy many Baloch have lost their precious lives. While those who remain at undisclosed places are coping with severe physical and mental torture in torture cells.

Recently a mass graveyard was found in Khuzdar’s area at Tootak that had more than one hundred fifty dead bodies of missing persons inside it. The period of National Party government led by Doctor Abdul Malik Baloch between 2013 and 2015 ended with the throwing off of the dead bodies of Baloch students, engineers, doctors, masters and farmers in various parts of Balochistan. Even after National Party’s term ended the government continues with its massive human rights violations. Today, it’s at its peak. The establishment has brought a “speedy growth” in human rights violations.

With every passing day there’s evidence of the breach of human rights in Balochistan by security forces of Pakistan and it’s controlled groups like the Death Squads. The Pakistani security forces and Death Squads act on their own without any consideration to their own laws or any international law. For these people, laws have no meaning and their violations are never considered a crime or an offence by the Pakistani authorities. Whether it is security forces or the Death Squads they continue to breach the international laws of which Pakistan is a signatory. They commit human rights violations with having any mercy.

Balochistan after it’s forced occupation by Pakistan on March 27, 1948 is still witnessing the killing of its inhabitants at the hands of occupied forces. Basic fundamental rights given by Pakistan’s own constitution have been made conditional and strict punishments are doled out at the whims and fancies of security forces stationed in Balochistan.

Every corner of Balochistan is burning on account of human rights violations. Even forests are not left untouched and are burned. Mountains are bombarded and village after village are bulldozed. It’s really heartbreaking, when infants, kids and women face such cruel and inhuman punishments at the hands Pakistani security forces. Pakistan’s supreme court never listens and judgment delivered by the judges on issues of human rights violations in Balochistan are not given much value.

In this scenario, the occupied Baloch land needs help from international communities who hold themselves before the world as protector and guardian of human rights. Until and unless international communities intervene for the cause of safeguarding human rights abuses in Balochistan, the Pakistani security forces will not, at their own, halt their atrocities on Baloch people. The United Nations Organization (UNO) can play a vital role by sending special investigation teams under it’s own umbrella. Apart from the United Nations, other noble communities from the developed world need to change their policies about Balochistan. World should come up with some meaningful steps that can prove helpful in halting the human rights violations in Balochistan.

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