BLA freedom fighters eliminate 8 Pak Army soldiers in Turbat

BLA Operations and Sacrifices in Turbat
BLA statement (Photo - News Intervention)

In a recent statement issued by the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), it has been revealed that Turbat witnessed two separate attacks. It resulted in the elimination of 8 Pakistan Army personel while two valiant BLA fighters laid down their lives in the struggle for Balochistan’s sovereignty and independence.

In Turbat, BLA fighters executed a daring operation by targeting a vehicle of Pakistan Army. This act of resistance killed three personnel. The assault occurred as the enemy vehicle was en route to an outpost situated in the Geshkor area, where at least three enemy personnel lost their lives, and numerous others sustained injuries.

Moreover, another fierce battle erupted in Turbat last Friday, resulting in the elimination of five enemy personnel and injuring at least seven others. This intense engagement resulted in the ultimate sacrifice of two valiant BLA fighters.

In the Samaan e Kaor area of Turbat, the Pakistan Army launched a drone attack targeting a temporary camp of the BLA, followed by deploying ground forces via helicopters. Despite the enemy’s efforts to encircle the BLA fighters, their professional and tactical measures prevented these attempts. The enemy forces engaged in battles at various locations, resulting in the death of at least five Pak Army soldiers and seven injured.

In the process of breaking the enemy siege and securing a safe passage for their comrades, two brave BLA fighters laid down their lives. These courageous freedom fighters were Comrade Maqsood, also known as Comrade Mehrwaan, and Muslim Raza, known as Guru Jabbar.

The Price of Freedom

Comrade Maqsood, hailing from Heronk in Turbat, joined the Baloch resistance movement in 2012 through an allied organization and later joined BLA in 2015. He was previously active in student politics, earning a reputation as a dedicated and committed member. Comrade Maqsood played a vital role within BLA, actively participating in successful operations against enemy forces in Zamuran, Bulaida, Kulbar, Tump, and Turbat. Despite battling illness, he never wavered in fulfilling his national responsibilities.

Muslim Raza, originating from Aapsir in Turbat, also joined the Baloch resistance movement in 2012, becoming part of BLA in 2015. He participated in various armed operations in Zamuran, Bulaida, Kulbar, Tump, and Turbat.

The spokesman said, “Martyr Muslim was a highly skilled guerrilla fighter, and was known for his expertise in the field. Last year he voluntarily rendered his services for Majeed Brigade, and was waiting for his self-sacrificing mission.”

The BLA pays solemn tributes to these fallen comrades and pledges that their memory lives on in the pursuit of a sovereign and independent Baloch motherland. Their sacrifice serves as a poignant reminder of the unwavering dedication to the cause of Balochistan’s freedom and justice. Following the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Balochistan has been fighting the war of its existence and freedom from Pakistan.

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