BLA targets Pak Army’s coal mine supply vehicle with powerful explosives in Dukki

Baloch Liberation Army Claims Responsibility for IED Attack on Army Operatives' Vehicle in Dukki
Army Vehicle in Dukki (Photo - X)

A supply vehicle en route to coal mines was hit by a landmine explosion in the Thekedar Nadi area of Dukki district, Pak-occupied-Balochistan, on Wednesday. The powerful blast was so powerful that it could be heard for miles.

Local police officials said that the vehicle was carrying supplies to nearby coal mines when it struck the explosive device. Law enforcement agencies have cordoned off the area and initiated an investigation, collecting evidence from the blast site.

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting a Army’s vehicle in Dukki. The attack occurred was aimed at those involved in the exploitation of Baloch national resources.

Jeeyand Baloch detailed that the freedom fighters executed a remote-controlled IED attack at the location of Contractor Nadi, which resulted in the complete destruction of the targeted vehicle and left two individuals injured.

The spokesperson further said that certain individuals in Dukki are collaborating with the Pak Army in the plundering of Baloch resources and opposing the Baloch national movement.

He warned that those aiding the occupying forces would be directly targeted by the BLA. He urged all Army collaborators involved in the exploitation and genocide of the Baloch people to cease their activities immediately, warning that failure to do so would result in severe personal and material consequences.

In Pakistan-occupied Balochistan, pro-independence groups have long been active, resisting and seeking revenge against the forceful control of the Army, which commits numerous atrocities on a daily basis.

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