BLF freedom fighters attack a Chinese employee in Karachi

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) attacked a Chinese national in Karachi on Tuesday in a clear warning and message to Beijing that it must stop the loot of Balochistan’s natural resources along with Pakistan. BLF spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch claimed responsibility for this attack on the Chinese national in Karachi.

“In the Baghdadi area of ​​Lyari, Baloch Sarmachaars (freedom fighters) targeted a Chinese citizen who was on government parole in Sindh Solid Waste Management Board (SSWMB). China’s direct intervention in Balochistan and partnership in Pakistan’s repressive policies is not acceptable under any circumstances. We have warned China and Chinese employees about this long ago. Pakistan is committing genocide of Baloch. If China or any other country supports Pakistan in this crime then we have the right to defend ourselves,” Major Gwahram Baloch, spokesman BLF said in a media statement.

Major Gwahram Baloch added that the locals should stay away from these imperialist Chinese agents. “We warn foreign investors once again to refrain from investing here (Balochistan).”

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  1. […] “Our sarmachaars (freedom fighters) carried out a grenade attack on Bahria Icon Tower near Clifton bin Qasim Park in Karachi. It was a symbolic attack aimed at warning the notorious Bahria Housing Society of the Pakistan Army to abandon the forcible occupation of ancestral lands of the Baloch and Sindhi people in Karachi,” said Major Gwahram Baloch in his media statement. He warned the Pakistani forces against demolishing the homes and settlements of Baloch. […]

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