China’s alarming military activity on Balochistan’s coast

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is destroying Balochistan. China is turning Balochistan's Gwadar sea port into its naval sea base threatening peace and stability in the region.
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is destroying Balochistan. China is turning Balochistan's Gwadar sea port into its naval sea base threatening peace and stability in the region.

Rapidly changing conditions in the region are highlighting the political and geographical role of Balochistan day by day. Although the geographical importance of Balochistan has historically always been prominent and key to the interests of past colonial powers, today it’ the land of Balochistan and its longest coast that appears to be turning into a center of the most important interests of imperialist powers, without which the fulfillment of their economic, political and defense interests do not seem to be perfectly easy.

In this context, the possible picture that some analysts are presenting about the future of Balochistan can be described as disturbing, and disturbing not only for Balochistan but for the people of the entire region. According to these analysts, as the irreconcilable conflict of interests between some regional and global powers, including China and the United States intensifies, so does the pressure to increase control over Balochistan, at which China is still at the forefront.

And now, after a recent 25-year agreement with Iran, western Balochistan has also fallen into Chinese hands, which some observers and political circles have interpreted as the completion of China’s imperialist occupation of vast areas of eastern and western Balochistan on both sides. Not only is the Baloch nation reluctant to accept China’s move in the face of potential threats to its very existence with opposition and fears being expressed at the local level, but also by all major and minor powers, including the United States. Today, the conflict of interest with China is intensifying day by day. In any case, these increasing steps of China will be stopped and the interests of the youth will be trampled.

These obstacles to China’s imperialist interests are fragmented in their actions and consequences, and in various forms of warfare but Balochistan is the first major step taken by China to control the world economy and the beginning of its journey. It has become a camp, so it will be imperative for the US and other rival powers not only to prevent China from moving beyond Balochistan to the rest of the world, but also to force it to return home from a politically geographically significant location like Balochistan.

Obviously, this situation will increase the dependence on power, which is inevitable to create an atmosphere of war.

Given the potential scenario, China is not only active in the entire Baloch coastal areas, including Gwadar, for mega-economic projects, but also in the construction and transfer of large-scale defense and military installations and equipment in the name of security. Some analysts are expressing fears that China is turning Balochistan into a reformist war front in order to protect its economic interests and deal with the potential war threats posed by its rival powers with the inevitable dangerous and catastrophic consequences. Balochistan will thus emerge as a potential battleground between China and its rival powers, and such a war could certainly take a global form, with all the consequences for Balochistan and the Baloch nation.

Although Pakistani rulers and government circles have denied China’s military and military activities in the Baloch coastal areas, including Gwadar, citing security measures to protect only a limited number of economic activities, local and other political and social circles have gathered on China’s Baloch coast. According to these constituencies, the Gwadar Port and other mega-economic Chinese projects, including CPEC, are being implemented in Balochistan and the Baloch nation due to increasing military strength and measures to turn these areas into no-go areas for the local population.

China’s recent increase in military activities are turning Balochistan into a hell of imperialist war. Therefore, there is a need for the US to consider China’s war and military plans in Balochistan. The world should be made aware of the grave dangers posed to the land and people of Balochistan and all Baloch political and social circles and peace-loving forces should play their full role to prevent Balochistan from turning into fiefdom of any regional and global power including China.

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