Family of prominent slain journalist Khalil Jibran seeks relocation amid death threats

relocation of family of khalil jibran
Khalil Jibran (Photo - Web)

The family of Khalil Jibran, a prominent Pakistani journalist who was recently murdered, has appealed to local authorities for relocation due to persistent death threats and a recent attack on their property. The family, residing in the Sultankhel area of Landi Kotal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is living in fear following an assault on their family-owned snooker club, their primary source of income since Jibran’s death.

Jibran’s 17-year-old son expressed growing insecurity, particularly after the attack on their business. The family has not filed an official police report, fearing potential reprisals. “We are living in fear after the incident on Sunday night”, the son said.

The journalist’s 15-year-old daughter voiced concerns about the safety of her siblings and their education, which her father had prioritized. She emphasized the mental stress caused by the recent attack and the fear of further violence.

The family has called upon both provincial and federal authorities to thoroughly investigate Jibran’s murder and the subsequent attack on their business. They are also seeking adequate security measures and compensation for the loss of their primary breadwinner.

While no formal report has been filed regarding the snooker club arson, police have collected evidence from the scene.

Khalil Jibran, a senior journalist and former president of the Landi Kotal Press Club, was fatally shot by unidentified gunmen near his residence. His death adds to a worrying trend of violence against journalists in Pakistan, with the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reporting that Jibran is the seventh journalist killed in the country in 2024.

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