Family protest against enforced disappearance of Zaheer Baloch in Quetta

Protests in Quetta Over Zaheer Baloch's Disappearance
Quetta Sit-In (Photo - X)

The family of Zaheer Baloch, forcibly disappeared on June 27, continues their protest for the third consecutive day in the Saryab area of Quetta.

Zaheer Baloch, a occupied-government employee in Postal Services was forcibly abducted by the Pakistan’s Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD). His family is determined to continue their sit-in protest at Sariab Road, Quetta, until Zaheer safely returns home.

Zaheer’s wife expressed frustration over the lack of response from authorities. “We’ve been protesting for three days, yet no authorized representative from the administration has addressed our demands or taken meaningful action,” she said.

In an effort to amplify their cause, the family announced plans to launch a social media campaign on X (formerly Twitter) tomorrow. They’ve appealed for widespread participation, calling on political, social, and human rights representatives, as well as members of the Baloch community, to join their online protest.

Recent negotiations between the family and district administration officials failed to yield results, prompting the continuation of the sit-in. “We will not end our protest until Zaheer Baloch is safely recovered,” the family said.

Prior to the current sit-in, the family held a press conference in Quetta and organized a rally to draw attention to Zaheer’s disappearance.

The incident has reignited concerns about human rights in Pak-occupied-Balochistan, that has been under Pakistan control since 1948. Since that day, the Pakistan Army has maintained a forceful occupation of this resource-rich area, employing tactics such as enforced disappearances, marginalization, and extrajudicial killings to suppress the local Baloch community.

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