Grand celebrations across Balochistan on 1st martyrdom anniversary of Pashtun leader Usman Kakar

Martyrdom of Usman Kakar celebrated at Quetta (Photo: News Intervention)

A grand meeting was held on the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Milli Atal Milli Usman Khan Kakar, the leader of the Pashtun national political movement organized by Pashtunkhwamap at the Hockey Ground in  Quetta,  capital of occupied Balochistan.The meeting was presided over by party chairman Mahmood Kan Achakzai.Party Central Secretary General Mukhtiar Khan Yousafzai, Senior Deputy Chairman Abdul Rahim Ziaratwal, Central Secretary Information Raza Muhammad Raza, Central Secretary Obaidullah Jan Babat, Waranga Loni, Provincial Vice President Yousuf Khan Kakar, Provincial Secretary Information Khushal Khan Kakar, District Secretary Qila Saifullah Chairman Allah Noor Khan addressed the meeting.Mahmood Khan Achakzai congratulated all party workers and officials of party agencies for organizing a grand public meeting on the first death anniversary of Milli Usman Kakar and said that party workers and officials paid rich tributes to party leader Usman Khan Kakar for his great national service and sacrifices through his hard work.He said,”We are celebrating the first anniversary of Usman Khan Kakar in such a situation that the region is facing a worrying situation as a result of the policies adopted by Pakistan and Iran with regards to Afghanistan”.He further said, “I want to discuss the establishment of Pakistan on the death anniversary of Usman Khan and the disastrous consequences of the policies adopted by the rulers of Pakistan and Iran on Afghanistan,and I want to make it clear to the rulers of our country that Afghanistan has not accepted slavery to anyone in its history.When the colonial forces ruled all the Islamic world except Turkey, the proud Afghans still kept their flag of stability and freedom high.Afghanistan is building a graveyard of world’s large global colonial empires.Nations and areas whose people have lived in long slavery have no idea of the value of freedom.The Afghan people have always defended the stability and freedom of their beloved country at the cost of their lives”.

He said that the Ukraine war has put the region in a dangerous situation and as a result of the wrong policies of the country, the economic crisis of the country has taken a disastrous turn.He claimed “If anyone loves Pakistan’s defence, they have to defend Afghanistan’s stability and independence because Pakistan’s defence is subject to Afghanistan’s defence.If the stability and independence of Afghanistan is ended, it will be impossible for Pakistan and Iran to maintain their independence”.He said that the policy of making Afghanistan the fifth province of Pakistan during the reign of President Ghulam Ishaq Khan and the strategic death policy of our generals would be disastrous.Our establishment has to withdraw from this anti-Afghan policy.They must wholeheartedly recognize the stability, independence and sovereignty of Afghanistan.He said Pashtun Afghans in the Federation of Pakistan have found their own defense of Afghanistan’s stability and independence and consider it a religious duty.

He said that in the Pakistan-India war of 1965 and 1971, Zahir Shah of Afghanistan remained neutral and said that even though we have problems with Pakistan, we will not create a problem for the Muslim country.He said Pakistan’s current serious economic crisis was the result of anti-people policies of establishment.“Our poor people do not even have two meals a day.We want to make it clear to Shahbaz Sharif and Maulana Fazal Rehman Sahib that our people are not able to bear this economic crisis.Even after holding new elections, the solution to this serious economic crisis is not such an easy task.To solve this serious economic crisis of Pakistan, fundamental changes are needed in the economic system of the country.If Pakistan’s parliament is not recognized as a source of power and the Senate does not get the same powers as the National Assembly, it is not possible to solve our problems”, he said.

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