Hayat Baloch’s martyrdom is a continuum of human tragedies in Balochistan

Mother and Father of Hayat Baloch crying over the body of their son. Hayat Baloch was a student and was murdered in cold blood by the Pakistani security forces in occupied Balochistan. (Photo: News Intervention)
Mother and Father of Hayat Baloch crying over the body of their son. Hayat Baloch was a student and was murdered in cold blood by the Pakistani security forces in occupied Balochistan. (Photo: News Intervention)

It’s said about Balochistan that since the rise of revolutionary movement for a free Baloch nation, it has been the victim of extreme human tragedies at the hands of the ruling forces. In this regard, some quarters say that the actions of state institutions, arrests and ‘enforced disappearances’ of Baloch people from various walks of life, including students and political activists, and the recovery of tortured mutilated bodies of missing Baloch and other scenes of repression seem to negate the rulers’ claims that they have modernized Balochistan. It is said to be prosperous and has democracy and political freedom, but the situation is just the opposite.

In this regard, local sources and various media reports show that being a Baloch has become a heinous crime in Balochistan. When any incident takes place anywhere, the security agencies target the ordinary Baloch population. No one’s life or property is safe. In this regard, Baloch political and public circles say that Baloch people detained by state officials are weighed in for their social standing and/or are declared as terrorists. Often they are killed on the spot, the worst and most shocking demonstration of which is evident in the brutal incident of Hayat Baloch, a student in Turbat on August 13, 2020, who was handcuffed and shot in public without any crime. As seen in the photographs this young student Hayat Baloch was martyred on the spot, while his old parents watched helplessly. Hayat Baloch’s parents felt helpless when they were forced to bury the dead body of their young son by their feeble and old arms, their son was the apple of their eyes who till a moment ago who full of dreams. It was such a painful scene that tears flew down from everybody’s eyes whoever watched the sorrow and grief of Hayat Baloch’s parents.

Thus, while the brutal human tragedy has plunged the elderly parents and relatives of Shaheed Hayat Baloch into unforgettable deep sorrow and grief, it has once again made it clear to the United States that state officials have the privilege to comply with legal and judicial requirements. Punish the Baloch without any hesitation. In this regard, the political and social circles of Balochistan say that the land of Balochistan and its shores and coasts are important to the rulers but not the Baloch people. They have been considered the biggest obstacle, and that is why the ruling forces have resorted to ruthless act of genocide of the Baloch people.

Shaheed Hayat Baloch was also an ordinary student who was studying at Karachi University and came home to spend his holidays in his hometown, which had nothing to do with any unrest or military incident. Shaheed Hayat Baloch desired to improve his future by getting higher education and he wanted to change the lives of his elderly parents and siblings, but his being a Baloch proved to be an unforgivable crime. His bright dreams were abruptly cut short by the rulers who routinely punish innocent Baloch people by imprisonment and enforced disappearances. Often the Baloch families are handed over the mutilated bodies of their near and dear ones by the government officials.

The political and social circles also say that the tragedy of Shaheed Hayat Baloch is not just a single incident and it reflects the worst human rights situation in Balochistan. Hayat Baloch was martyred during the detention and was given the name of police encounter. Similar tragedies and human tragedies are seen every day, the perpetrators of which have yet to face any legal or judicial action. Although the security personnel who brutally killed Shaheed Hayat Baloch have been arrested and there are reports of a case being registered against him, but it’s only because of the strong reaction to the tragedy from all over the world, including Balochistan. It is a show of strength, as this is the first time that Hayat Baloch’s tragic human tragedy has provoked outrage and protest from various political and social circles in Pakistan, including Punjab, which has put some pressure on the ruling party.

There cannot be any justice in the murder of Hayat Baloch because the relationship between the Baloch and the occupier is clear. However, the martyrdom of Hayat Baloch has breathed new life into the youth, their voices against slavery are being raised, and of course, these are conscious voices. Azadi (freedom) is the ultimate destination of Balochistan.

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