How Pakistan’s Nuclear Blast caused Radiation Deaths & brought Radiation Diseases in Balochistan


Pakistan conducted Nuclear Blasts on 28 May, 1998 at Chagai in occupied Balochistan. Nuclear Radiation due to these blasts has poisoned the environment and caused numerous radiation-related diseases in Baloch people. Even after twenty two years of this nuclear blast, the ground water remains poisoned, droughts have become a regular feature and the Baloch people still suffer from nuclear radiation related diseases.

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  1. […] Pakistan conducted five nuclear blasts on 28 May 1998 at Chagi district in Balochistan. Immediately after the atomic blasts Pakistan said its nuclear tests were in response to India’s nuclear tests conducted a fortnight earlier on 11th May 1998. This remains the popular narrative even today, so much so that journalists and political analysts still discuss how Pakistan’s nuclear tests brought back equilibrium in the Indian subcontinent that had tilted in favour of India after May 11. But, this narrative conveniently ignores two points; one that Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions were afoot for several years that dates back to early seventies which was led by Rawalpindi’s delusion to gain an edge over India. However, it’s the second point which is much more significant, and this is the ill-effects of lethal nuclear radiation on hapless Baloch people. […]

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