Justice NV Ramana: Justice dispensation system is the power house of people’s trust and confidence

(File Photo: Hon’ble Justice N. V. Ramana, Judge, Supreme Court of India)

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi inaugurated the interim High Court complex of AP yesterday. The two storied complex at Nelapadu houses 16 court halls. The interim court was set up as actual High Court is being built in proposed Justice City in Andhra Pradesh’s capital.

Delivering the keynote address on the occasion, Hon’ble Justice N. V. Ramana, Judge, Supreme Court of India called it a historic day in the annals of State of Andhra Pradesh to get its High Court building inaugurated by the Chief Justice of India. Tracing the rich history of Telugu State, he said that “Amaravati is not a new capital. It is an old one – two millennia ago, when the Andhra Satavahanas were reigning supreme, their capital was located in this region. It was known then as Dhaanya Katakam, according to historians.”  “The State Judiciary, now started functioning from this sanctified place, will reiterate the bench marks of modern judicial system namely, love, compassion and value of truth being the foundations of justice. In a way, it will be a case of history repeating for the Andhra people in their 2,000-year long journey. Amaravati resonates with rich historical associations and it is certainly a symbol of Telugu pride, aspirations and culture,” he added.

He said that Justice dispensation system is the power house of people’s trust and confidence.  “I hope, in near future, the High Court of Andhra Pradesh will attain an important place in the judicial atlas of India with the collective effort of both Bench and Bar. Today, no doubt, is an occasion of joy for everyone present here.  But, in my view, this is also an occasion of solemn dedication. Whether we belong to Andhra Pradesh or Telangana or to any other State of the Indian Republic, as members of the Bench and Bar, and as priests of the sanctuary of justice, shall prove yourself worthy and succeed in bringing the motherland nearer to the vision of our dreams.

Justice Ramana said that, he is confident that the High Court of Andhra Pradesh will continue to uphold the basic values of equality, liberty and justice enshrined in our Constitution and safeguard the freedom and fundamental rights of our people so that they realize their full potential as worthy citizens of this great nation.

A separate High Court for Andhra Pradesh came into existence on January 1, four and half years after the state bifurcation. President Ram Nath Kovind had on December 26 issued orders for setting up the separate court for AP. Until the announcement, AP and Telangana shared the High Court complex in Hyderabad. Construction of the actual High Court building at Justice City in the capital region is yet to start. Once that is completed, the HC will shift there and the interim complex to be inaugurated today will house the City Civil Courts. The building has 2.70 lakh square feet office space and has been constructed at a cost of Rs 150 crores.

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