Karakoram international university students threaten larger protests in PoGB over educational crisis

pogb protest
Students of Karakoram International University (Photo - Web)

Students at Karakoram International University’s (KIU) Hunza campus have warned of an escalating protest campaign if their demands are not met by the occupied-government.

In a video, a student spokesperson said, “If our concerns are ignored, we’ll intensify our actions. This is a serious matter. Students from the Diamer campus are in solidarity with us.”

The protests were sparked by an abrupt decision to close several KIU campuses. Students were seen carrying placards demanding fairness and accountability.

Another protester said, “The occupied-government is hostile towards education, refusing to compromise on unnecessary expenditures while readily shutting down educational institutions. We’ll be forced to take drastic measures if our voices continue to be ignored.”

The unrest has spread to KIU’s Diamer campus, where students are staging similar demonstrations. These students, many from remote areas seeking higher education opportunities, now face unexpected challenges.

Grievances include arbitrary fee increases and harassment incidents. Tensions escalated when the Vice-Chancellor announced the impending closure of both Diamer and Hunza campuses, citing insufficient funding.

The educational crisis in PoGB extends beyond universities. A recent video circulating on social media shows children in Thang village, Astore district, protesting the lack of basic facilities and qualified teachers. Similar demonstrations in Dadimal, Nagar, saw parents joining students in demanding improved educational standards.

These protests highlight systemic issues including teacher shortages and disruptive transfers, compelling both educators and students to demonstrate despite harsh conditions.

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