Kim receives grand welcome in Hanoi ahead of nuclear summit with Trump

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves upon arrival by train in Dong Dang in Vietnamese border town Tuesday ahead of his second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Minh Hoang)

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un arrived in Hanoi on Tuesday to ultra-tight security and enthusiastic crowds ahead of a second summit with Donald Trump. The normally sleepy Vietnamese border station of Dong Dang spruced itself up for Kim’s arrival after the young leader emulated his grandfather with a 4,000-kilometre, two-and-a-half-day odyssey through China aboard his olive green train.

Wearing his trademark Mao-style black suit and flanked by his troops of bodyguards, Kim was ushered into a waiting Mercedes Benz and his motorcade rolled off towards Hanoi, where crowds lined the streets and armoured personnel carriers patrolled the roads. A military guard of honour in pristine white uniforms presented arms as Kim strolled down the red carpet waving and grinning, surrounded by a phalanx of aides and security personnel.

U.S President Donald Trump is expected to arrive in Hanoi late Tuesday. He tweeted he was looking forward to a “very productive” second summit.

After a historic initial meeting in Singapore in June that produced only a vague statement about denuclearisation, analysts say the second date must deliver more concrete steps towards dismantling Pyongyang’s arsenal.

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