More than 12,000 fake Pakistani passports confiscated from Afghan nationals in Saudi Arabia

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The Pakistani Interior Ministry has launched an investigation following reports of over 12,000 Pakistani passports being seized from Afghan citizens residing in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian authorities recently revealed their successful recovery of more than 12,000 Pakistani passports from Afghan nationals. Riyadh promptly notified Islamabad about the issue, raising concerns about the alleged procurement of these fake passports by Afghan citizens through various passport centers in Pakistan.

In response to the growing concern, the Ministry of Interior has taken swift action by establishing a committee to address the matter of these passports obtained by 12,000 Afghans.

Committee to rectify systematic flaws while issuing Pakistani passports

The committee, led by the DG Passport Committee’s Convener and Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, will also comprise senior officials from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). Their primary task will be to identify any systemic flaws contributing to the issuance of these passports to Afghan citizens and to investigate the individuals involved in the scam.

The committee has been given a 15-day timeframe to conduct a thorough inquiry and submit a comprehensive report. This development underscores the urgency with which authorities are addressing the issue, aiming to prevent any further misuse of the passport issuance process, enhance security, and maintain the integrity of the nation’s identity documents.

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