Pak forces murder 4 family members at Harnai, occupied Balochistan

Naz Bibi, 6 year old child killed by Pakistani security forces at Harnai in occupied Balochistan. (Representative Photo: News Intervention)
Naz Bibi, 6 year old child killed by Pakistani security forces at Harnai in occupied Balochistan. (Representative Photo: News Intervention)

Pakistan struck once again at Harnai in occupied Balochistan, killed four family members and have forcefully abducted two other men from this family. Sources in occupied Balochistan told News Intervention that Pakistani security forces raided the house of Qaisar Chilgari Marri at Nishpa in Harnai on Monday and murdered Qaisar along with his daughter, daughter-in-law and the 6-year old grand daughter Naz Bibi. The family’s two other men, Mohammad Ali Marri and Gul Dad Marri were then forcefully abducted and taken to an undisclosed location. There whereabouts are still unknown.

Local Baloch residents said that the entire family has been wiped out and there is no one left to provide further details.

While it’s still not clear what sparked the raid but activists and human rights organisations allege that civilians are targeted by Pakistani forces whenever they are attacked by the Baloch armed revolutionaries.

A local activist, on condition of anonymity said that collective punishment has been a routine in Balochistan and Pakistani security forces’ “callous and senseless brutality” at Harnai is just another addition to the long list of human rights violations and brutal raids on the Baloch people.

The Central Spokesman of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) condemned the barbarism of the Pakistani Army in Harnai and said that the Pakistani Army attacked Qaiser Chalgari’s house in Nishpa area of Harnai. In the attack, Qaiser Chalgari and two children got martyred, including his six year old granddaughter Naz Bibi. Apart from this, two young sons of Qaiser Chalgari have also been forcibly disappeared by the army.

The brutal raid of Pakistani security forces was was widely condemned on social media and many activists urged international groups to intervene.

Condemning the brutality at Harnai in occupied Balochistan, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch the leader of Balochistan’s independence struggle said: “Pakistani barbarism and brutalities continue unabated in Balochistan.”

Pakistan Army and its intelligence agency ISI have inflicted a rein of terror across occupied Balochistan in order to crush the independence movement of Baloch people. Forced abductions, late night raids, targeted killings, enforced disappearances, kill and dump the Pakistani deep state is trying everything to suppress the independence struggle in Balochistan. Over 30,000 Baloch people have gone “missing” due to Pakistan’s forced abductions and more than 10,000 Baloch people have been killed in cold blood. Monday’s attack on a hapless family at Harnai was just a continuation of Pakistan’s policy. This will continue till the international community takes note of these atrocities by Pakistan on occupied Balochistan.

Khalil Baloch, Chairman Baloch National Movement said: “The martyrdom of Qaisar Chalghari & his six-years-old granddaughter & the disappearance of his two young sons at the hands of the Pakistan Army are continuation of the atrocities. The Baloch are being collectively punished & the silence of int’l Orgs is causing an increase in it.”

“This is neither the first nor the last because we are occupied by a state whose history is full of oppression and violence against subjugated nations. Pakistan wants to rule over our land forever by eradicating the Baloch people through genocide and pogroms but history has shown that nations cannot be annihilated in this way,” said the Central Spokesman of BNM (Baloch National Movement).

The BNM spokesman further explained that the Pakistan Army has been pursuing an aggressive strategy of collective punishment for many years. “In this policy of collective punishment, on the one hand, the occupying army is directly targeting the people, on the other hand, it is creating new tactics of oppression through its Death Squads across Balochistan. Hundreds of incidents like that of Dannuk and Dazin are happening. The Harnai incident is the continuation of the same barbarism. The only difference between the two incidents is the Death Squads in military uniforms and without uniforms. In Dannuk and Dazin, Death Squads killed Malik Naz and Kulsoom, while in Harnai, the army shot and killed an old Baloch and a young girl in front of their family.”

The BNM Central Spokesman added that Pakistan was strictly adhering to the policy of collective punishment across Balochistan. “Tasneem Baloch, who was martyred at the Karachi Stock Exchange last week, his three brothers and father have been abducted from Dasht and two brothers of Shaheed Siraj from Shapak have been forcibly disappeared. These are the worst examples of collective punishment. In this regard, it is the responsibility of the international community to curb this rogue and terrorist state and play its role in preventing human tragedy and humiliation in Balochistan.”

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