Pakistan Army’s forced evacuation threat in tribal area sparks humanitarian crisis

pak army evacuates tribal areas
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In the tribal region of Taman Gurshani, located in Rajanpur, Pakistan, a looming humanitarian crisis has been ignited by the Pakistan Army’s forced evacuation orders. Indeed, fifteen days ago, the military forcibly gathered the residents, informing them that they must vacate their homes in various areas, including Mari, Mauza Grozhan, Daraj Thal, Mauza Chambhari, Mauza Lot La Sham, Khalchas, and Rekani Gahore, citing an impending missile test.

Despite the military’s evacuation ultimatum, the people of these areas have refused to leave their native lands, expressing deep concerns that their displacement may result in their inability to return. These regions are known to experience an early onset of winter, and relocating the population, along with their belongings and livestock, presents a daunting challenge.

This isn’t the first time the residents of Taman Gurshani have faced such a predicament. In 2018, missile tests in the region led to significant financial losses for the local population in areas like Bargh Fawad, Maranj, Ghazbor, Daragal Mari, Kaliri Thal Sauri Gahore, and Joph Fawad.

The situation was further aggravated as post-missile test, widespread epidemics have been rapidly spreading in the region, further straining an already beleaguered population, who lack adequate medical facilities.

As the Pakistan Army’s imposed deadline has ended, residents are grappling with a stark reality: If they are expelled from their homes, they are sure to confront insurmountable difficulties, from the harsh winter conditions to the absence of proper healthcare.

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