Pashtuns call for a protest rally against target killings on June 22 by Pak Army

PTM rally In Qila Saifullah
PTM rally In Qila Saifullah (Photo: Social Media)

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) has called upon Pashtuns and all the oppressed nations under the control of imperial Pakistan to a grand rally against violence in Ramzak area of Waziristan on June 22.

The protest rally is being organised demanding the Pakistan Army to stop attacks on Pashtun homeland, especially Waziristan which has witnessed multiple targeted killings in recent days. PTM is also demanding an investigation into these target killings of Pashtuns.

Moreover, the Pashtun rights organisation has demanded to open the road of Ghulam Khan, thereby facilitating the traders.

Poster of PTM rally (Photo: X)

Notably, Ghulam Khan is a town in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is the third most important border crossing after Chaman and Torkham. Like Chaman, Ghulam Khan is also closed over the visa issue.

Meanwhile, the Pashtun organisation has reiterated its call to end the plundering of the native resources by the Pakistan Army. In a poster released by them, PTM said the looters of national wealth, who go to military camps should be stopped.

Earlier on May 23, PTM organised a similar rally in Dhaka city after a series of targetted killings in the region. Over a month has passed since then but the Pak Army has failed to address the concerns of Pashtun community which is facing the wrath of the deadly trend as bodies of the community is dropping on the ground every passing day.

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