PM Modi advocates for stronger India-Russia ties during Moscow visit

pm modis visit
Indian PM Narendra Modi with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow (Photo: News Intervention)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was on a two-day visit to Russia. On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warmly welcomed the PM upon his arrival in Russia. The eyes of countries around the world were on this visit. Meanwhile, the friendship between Modi and Putin has become a cause of concern for the United States. In fact, India has good relations with both the US and Russia. However, the tension between the US and Russia is well-known. In such a situation, PM Modi’s camaraderie with the Russian President is not sitting well with the US.

In Russia, PM Modi held an informal meeting with President Vladimir Putin. Immediately after this, the United States expressed concern to India regarding its relations with Russia amid Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Foreign Department’s spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a press briefing that they would review Prime Minister Modi’s public remarks to see what he discussed with the Russian President. Furthermore, Matthew Miller stated that the United States has already made it clear that it is concerned about India’s relationship with Russia.

Furthermore, spokesperson Matthew Miller stated that the US hopes that when India or any other country engages with Russia, it will make it clear that Moscow should respect the United Nations Charter and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. These statements from the spokesperson clearly indicate that the US is not pleased with the closeness between India and Russia.

US Pressures India to Distance Itself from Russia

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine began in 2022, the US has been consistently pressuring India to distance itself from Russia. India has resisted this pressure, citing its long-term relations with Russia and its economic needs. Despite this, India has called for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict between the two countries. Meanwhile, the US has openly supported Ukraine in this war, providing it with weapons as well.

PM Modi Visits Russia After Nearly 5 Years

For the first time since becoming Prime Minister for the third term, PM Modi visited Russia. This is also his first visit to Russia since the Russia-Ukraine war began. Visiting Russia after nearly 5 years, PM Modi will participate in the 22nd India-Russia Annual Summit.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Western countries have pressured India to reconsider its relations with Moscow. Despite this, India has maintained its relations with Russia, emphasizing its long-established ties and economic considerations. Russia is under scrutiny from countries worldwide over the war, but India has remained neutral on the issue. The Indian government has neither condemned nor justified Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Currently, Western countries are trying to create discord between India, China, and Russia. India’s relationships with both the West and Russia reflect a complex international scenario, where it seeks to balance its interests in this challenging global environment. The West had hoped that India would align with them against Russia, but this has not happened. Despite attempts by the West to pressure India, these efforts have not succeeded. India’s foreign policy is focused on safeguarding its interests without fully siding with any party. It aims to maintain a balance between both sides.

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