POK comrades express solidarity at Baloch Missing Persons’ camp in Islamabad

A delegation of Jammu & Kashmir People’s National Party (JKPNP) visited Baloch ‘Missing Persons’ camp in Islamabad on Sunday. The delegation was headed by Habib-ur-Rehman and consisted of other members from JKPNP that included comrade Ilyas, Muzammil and other members of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir’s political outfit. The delegation expressed its solidarity with the Baloch Missing Persons’ families.

During their visit to the Missing Persons’ camp the JKPNP delegation condemned the ongoing brutalities in Balochistan and demanded an end to the inhuman actions and a free trial for Baloch Missing Persons. “We understand the pain of the Baloch Nation and we stand with the Baloch families,” said Habib-ur-Rehman and further added, “…we appeal the government to release all Baloch Missing Persons. If anyone has done any wrong they should bring them in court and give them a chance of fair trial.”

Habib-ur-Rehman added that an independent homeland is the universal and historical right of Baloch Nation and that the ‘enforced disappearances’ and barbarism on Balochistan must be brought to an end. He said that the Baloch people are not alone in this fight.

Later on talking with the families of Baloch Missing Persons’ Habib-ur-Rehman said we understand that Balochistan is a colony and that the Baloch people are fighting for it through international law and they have all rights to govern their homeland. At his final speech he said, all oppressed and colonial nations share cordial relations. He appealed to all the oppressed people to form a combined platform for their struggle.

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