PTM protest rally in Landi Kotal against Pak Army operations

Pashtun Protest Rally (Photo - X)

A protest rally is held today, starting from Sultankhel Market and culminating at Landi Kotal Bazar in the Khyber District. Protest aims to voice opposition to fake operations and terrorist policies by the Pak Army in the region.

Protestors plan to march through the area before gathering for a larger rally in Landi Kotal Bazar. The protesters, primarily from the local Pashtun community, assert they will no longer allow their land to be used for military operations or conflicts.

The demonstration is expected to highlight several long-standing issues affecting Pashtun-majority areas, including the extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances, and economic exploitation and to draw national and international attention to these concerns.

This event appears to be part of broader efforts by Pashtun rights groups to advocate for change and improved living conditions for Pashtun communities across Pakistan.

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