Quetta: Protest continues for recovery of forcibly disappeared Zaheer Ahmed

protest against forced disappearance
Zaheer Ahmed forced disappearance protest (Photo - X)

The sit-in against the forced disappearance of Zaheer Ahmed, also known as Zaheer Baloch, entered its eighth day on Saryab Road, Quetta. Family members and supporters remain steadfast in their demand for his safe recovery.

According to the family, Zaheer Ahmed was taken into illegal custody from Quetta on June 27 and subsequently disappeared. Despite a week-long protest, the family laments that no representative from the provincial puppet government has reached out to them.

Yesterday, a large protest rally was organized by Zaheer’s family. The demonstration began at the Session Court Saryab and proceeded to Balochistan University, where participants staged a sit-in to record their protest. The rally drew significant support from various segments of society, including families of other missing persons, student organizations, and political parties.

His family rightfully calls out the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) which is the merciless wing of Pak Army that conducts enforced disappearances.

CTD is the organization that has been involved in numerous human rights abuses, including raiding civilian homes, harassing locals, enforcing disappearances, and engaging in extrajudicial killings in fake encounters. Since 27 March 1948, the region continues to be plagued by violence against innocent Baloch community

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