Safia Baloch calls for global support at German womens’ festival

Safia Baloch Spotlights Balochistan's Freedom Movement in Duisburg
BNM Vice President, Safia Baloch (Photo - X)

Safia Baloch, Vice President of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) Germany, emphasized the crucial role of Baloch women in the ongoing struggle for freedom, human rights, and justice in Balochistan. Speaking at the Kurdish Women’s Association festival in Duisburg, Germany, Baloch represented both the BNM and the wider Baloch nation.

In her address, Safia Baloch paid homage to prominent Baloch women leaders who have made significant contributions to the Balochistan movement. She specifically mentioned Shaheed Banuk Karima, Dr. Mahrang Baloch, and Sammi Deen Baloch, praising their sacrifices and determination in the fight for justice and freedom.

“These remarkable women have sacrificed immensely in their fight for justice and freedom”, Baloch said. “Their bravery and determination are a source of courage and hope not only for the Baloch nation but also for others advocating for human rights.”

The BNM leader used the platform to appeal for international support for the Baloch national independence movement. She accused Pakistan of occupying Baloch resources and land, thereby denying the Baloch people their right to self-determination. Baloch also highlighted the ongoing issue of forced disappearances, which she attributed to the Pak Army’s actions against those struggling for freedom.

Safia Baloch’s appearance at the Kurdish Women’s Association festival underscores the efforts of Baloch activists to raise awareness about their cause on international platforms. Her call for support reflects the movement’s strategy to garner global attention and solidarity for the Baloch struggle for independence and human rights.

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