Sindh demands independence, massive rally at Sann despite Pak repression

Thousands of Sindhi activists, intellectuals and political workers stood up against the Pakistani diktat and converged together on January 17 at Sann, Jamshoro district in Sindh, to celebrate the 118th birthday of Sain (pronounced Sanyeen) GM Sayed, Father of Sindhi Nation. The Pakistani regime had put up roadblocks and made every possible effort to stop people from reaching Sann, and yet the Sindhis braved all oppressive actions and took out a huge rally under the aegis of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM).

The Sann rally was marked by Sindhi activists raising slogans against CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor). They also demanded the release of Sindhi and Baloch ‘Missing Persons’ who have been forcefully abducted by Pakistan Army soldiers. Slogans were also raised against the illegal capture of Sindh’s land by Pakistan Army. The rally began from the Sheikh Abdul Majeed Sindhi Chowk at Sann and culminated at the grave of Sain GM Sayed. Sindhi activists demanded the Pakistan Army to end its military operations across Sindh. They raised slogans against Pak Army’s Bahria Town and rejected its illegal land capture in toto.

The Sindhi workers sang the Sindhudesh National Anthem at the grave of Sain GM Sayed and pledged to fight for Sindh’s independence as envisioned by Sain GM Sayed.

Sindhis commemorated the 118th birthday of Sain GM Sayed by taking out a rally in Sann, Jamshoro on January 17, 2022. (Photo: News Intervention)

The surge in Sindhi nationalism has turned Islamabad and Rawalpindi jittery. Pakistani regime had put up roadblocks and barriers across Sindh and Sindhis were being stopped at all locations from reaching Sann, but all these repressive actions only strengthened the resolve of Sindhis and as a result thousands converged at Sann and took out a massive rally.

JSFM workers also celebrated Sain GM Sayed’s 118th birthday at Karachi, Malir, Sachal Goth, Hyderabad, Qasimabad, Ghotki, Sukkur, Rohri, Shikarpur, Lakhi Ghulam shah, Larkana and other cities of Sindh. Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) Central Chairman Sohail Abro, Vice Chairman Zubair Sindhi, General Secretary Hussain Sindhi Shabrani and others leaders condemned the arrest of Jeay Sindh leaders Mehfooz Notkani, Adil Shah and twenty five other workers arrested by Jamshoro Police.

The Sann rally was led by the newly elected office bearers of JSFM such as Amar Aazadi and Pirh Sindhi. During the rally slogans were also raised against the illegal capture of Sindh’s land at Bahria Town by the Pakistan Army and loud demands were made for an independent Sinhudesh.

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