Tanveer Ahmed in critical condition at Mirpur Central Jail, ISI plotting his murder

Tanveer Ahmed, a well-known senior journalist and researcher from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK), was arrested by the Pakistani forces along with another journalist Safeer Kashmiri on August 21 from Maqbool Butt Square in Dadyal, POK. After arrest, Tanveer Ahmed has been shifted to the Mirpur Central Jail and has been kept in cell reserved for prisoners before being sent to the gallows.

Tanveer Ahmed has been actively protesting for the independence and sovereignty of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) from Pakistani occupation for the last several years and was arrested for pulling down Pakistani flag from Dadyal in POK.

“On Tuesday, I went to meet Tanveer Ahmed sahib at Mirpur Central Jail where I was surprised to see his condition. Tanveer Ahmed was kept in the police station from August 21 to September 4 and transferred to jail on September 4. In eleven days, his condition has become as if he has been in the prison for eleven years. The reason is that Tanveer sahib has been kept in a death cell, where those sentenced to death are kept after the final decision for their execution has been made. This cell contains numerous insects and their bites have left marks on Tanveer sahib’s hands and other parts of his body. This is the state of our freedom in POK. I am convinced that there is a plan to kill my husband. Therefore, I, my youngest daughter and son appeal to human rights organizations and patriotic compatriots around the world to please do something and save Tanveer Ahmed sahib’s life. Please also send as many curses as you can to this so-called base camp and its leadership,” said Frazim Ahmed, wife of Tanveer Ahmed.

Frazim Ahmed said that the only crime of Tanveer Ahmed sahib was that he pulled down the Pakistani flag from so called “Azad Kashmir” and gave speeches for the rights of Kashmiris. “What else did he do?” asked Frazim Ahmed.

It needs to be noted that Tanveer Ahmed was arrested by the local administration in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir when he lowered the Pakistan’s flag at Maqbool Butt Square, Dadyal POK on August 21, 2020.

However, before pulling down the Pakistani flag Tanveer Ahmed went on a 52-hour hunger strike demanding that the administration take down the Pakistani flag from Maqbool Bhatt Square, Dadyal. The local administration admitted that it was not right to fly a foreign (Pakistani) flag in Dadyal POK. The local administration said that the administration would take down the Pakistani flag in two days. Even after that the administration did not take down the Pakistani flag, after which on August 21, Tanveer Ahmed himself took down the non-state flag. Soon after Tanveer Ahmed was arrested and severely tortured.

Tanveer Ahmed soon after his arrest on August 21, 2020. His health has deteriorated since then. Tanveer Ahmed was arrested by Pakistan after he pulled down Pakistani flag at Dadyal, POK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) on August 21. (Photo: News Intervention)
Tanveer Ahmed soon after his arrest on August 21, 2020. His health has deteriorated since then. Tanveer Ahmed was arrested by Pakistan after he pulled down Pakistani flag at Dadyal, POK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) on August 21. (Photo: News Intervention)

Tanveer Ahmed’s bail was rejected on September 12 by the High Court of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK). An official from the local administration of POK told News Intervention that the cell in which Tanveer Ahmed has been lodged is reserved for those prisoners who have been sentenced to death and the condition of this cell is beyond the imagination of human thought. Speaking strictly on condition of anonymity the local official said that there was a plan to kill Tanveer Ahmed in jail. “The Pakistani intelligence agency ISI had a hand in the process, even earlier several unidentified men who had been jailed, were killed inside the jail compound,” the local administration officer told News Intervention.

Kashmir’s youth are deeply saddened by the Pakistani occupation and a wave of independence is gaining momentum across Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Several geostrategic experts believe that if something happens to Tanveer Ahmed, then this could prove dangerous for the Pakistani occupation in Kashmir, because now the Kashmiri youth is refusing to take diktats from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

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A Kashmiri student from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) told News Intervention that Kashmiri have suffered enough and it’s high time Kashmiris assert themselves. “Pakistan incites us Kashmiris against India and occupies us in the name of Islam. Now we have understood the tricks of the state. Yes, now it is necessary to show our strength. Pakistanis forces are armed and do not respect any international laws, so now is the time for Kashmiri youth to respond with bullets,” the Kashmiri student told News Intervention, requesting anonymity.

Another student leader from POK told News Intervention that if something happened to Tanveer Ahmed, then the blood of Kashmiris will drench entire Pakistan.

Armed struggle is already on in Balochistan to counter the Bangladesh-style barbarism of Pakistan Army, and now the idea of an armed struggle against barbarism and human rights violations by Pakistan Army is gaining momentum in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK). In fact, if Bangladesh-style barbarism of Pakistani Army continues unabated, then just as Balochistan has turned into a pile of dynamite for Pakistan, so too will Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK).

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