About us

News Intervention is the new age digital media platform that has news analysis, opinion pieces, news briefs, news videos and documentaries.  

News Intervention raises all those issues that may have been overlooked by big media houses or have been deliberately buried to serve vested interests. We firmly believe that each life matters and every individual regardless of religion, nationality, race, caste or creed must have the right to live life with dignity. Every instance of human rights violation, anywhere in the world, shames humanity. And yet, facts are distorted and convoluted stories cooked to alter discourse, debate and discussion in our societies. In fact, these are well thought over stratagems that serve vested interests. This distortion of facts has led to a serious credibility crisis for media brands and five-star journalists.

Simultaneously, the rapid rise of social media platforms has meant that news consumption habit of people across the globe has taken a paradigm shift. A big brand media house may still lead the race but they are fast ceding space to new media houses that are seen as credible source of news.

News Intervention enters in this scenario.

We are Revolutionary Journalists. We are the Voice of Unheard.

We do not shy away from writing and reporting on issues that were hitherto untouched and unreported. We do not select stories to fit in a pre-designed narrative, rather our stories are a reflection of the actual ground scenario that are meant to steer the ongoing discourse in the right direction.

We understand this is not an easy task, and this is why all right thinking individuals must join hands with us. Every Writer, Thinker and Activist needs to intervene. Now. 

Instead of working in silos the intelligentsia must join hands to defeat evil interests. Intellect, passion, grit and determination are our tools. Our intervention is through factual analysis, true stories, videos, documentaries, interviews and news stories. News Intervention is the platform to streamline efforts and turn facts / videos / photographs into compelling stories. 

All evidence in the form of videos / data / photographs that range from human rights abuse to unabashed cover-ups, which are conveniently brushed aside or ignored by Big Daddies of media need to be turned into powerful stories. This will change the global narrative. And the world will become a better place to live in.

News Intervention gives ample space to all Writers / Journalists/ Authors / Activists / Filmmakers / Bloggers whose genuine stories are killed by big media brands. Several Journalists, Authors, Writers, Bloggers, Filmmakers, Thinkers and Activists from across the world write and share their stories on our platform.