Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

About is the digital platform to raise all those issues that may have been overlooked by big media houses or have been deliberately buried to serve vested interests. Quite often, facts are distorted and convoluted stories cooked to alter discourse, debate and discussion in our societies. In fact, these are well thought over stratagems to sow seeds of disharmony in people’s minds. Every Writer, Thinker and Activist needs to intervene. Now.

Instead of working in silos, the intelligentsia must join hands to defeat evil interests.

Intellect, passion, grit and determination will be our tools. Truth at all costs, will be our sole agenda.

News Intervention will give ample space to all Writers / Journalists / Authors / Activists / Filmmakers / Bloggers whose genuine stories are killed by big media brands. 

Our intervention will be through factual analysis, true stories, videos, documentaries, interviews and news stories.