BLA releases video of attacks on Pak Army across Pak-occupied Balochistan

Baloch Liberation Army's Video Show Attacks on Pak Army
BLA (Photo - X)

In a bold move, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has released a provocative video showcasing a series of attacks against Pak Army and infrastructure. The 21-minute footage, published on the BLA’s official media channel Hakkal, documents 25 separate operations across various locations in Pak-occupied-Balochistan.

The video, which begins with a resistance song, features a range of revolutionary activities, from bombings of Army convoys to attacks on gas pipelines and mineral transport vehicles. One significant incident depicted is a recent bomb attack on a military convoy in Kalat’s Surab area, where officials confirmed one soldier killed and four injured. The footage also includes last year’s October bombing in Quetta that killed Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation project manager Shubar Mirza.

In a display of their tactical capabilities, the BLA showcased night-vision equipped attacks on military camps, including one in Turbat’s Tejaban area where they have shot down a surveillance drone. The group also highlighted their ability to temporarily control key transportation routes by setting up checkpoints on main highways in areas such as Harnai, Margat, and Kahan.

The BLA dedicated the video to one of their fallen members, ‘Sangat Muslim Guru’, who was reportedly killed in Turbat on October 6, 2023. A BLA spokesman had previously praised Guru for his “coordinated and modern war strategies” within the organization.

The video concludes with Baloch fighters performing a Balochi dance to the tune of ‘Ma Baghi Ma Farari’, showing numerous fighters equipped with modern weapons.

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