Conduct DNA tests to identify 500 Multan dead bodies: Sindhi leaders

Decayed dead bodies found at the Nishtar Hospital, Multan. Pakistani regime abducts and kills anybody who disagrees with the diktats of Rawalpindi. The decayed remains of 500 bodies are of the Sindhi and Baloch who were abducted over the last few years by Pakistani forces. (Photo: News Intervention)

Sindhi leaders in a joint statement demanded that the United Nations conduct DNA testing on the more than 500 human corpses found at the Nishtar Hospital Multan in order to conclusively identify the victims and hand over the bodies to their respective families. Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement (JSFM) central chairman Sohail Abro, vice chairman Zubair Sindhi, general secretary Ghulam Hussain Shabrani, Amar Azadi, Sudhu Sindhi, Hafeez Deshi and Parh Sindhu in their joint press statement said that they suspect these bodies are of the thousands of political activists who were forcibly abducted from Sindh and Balochistan.

Pakistan’s 70-year history has been witness to continuous human rights abuses and extrajudicial killing of political activists by Pakistan’s rougue intelligence agencies ISI, Military Intelligence and Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan under direct orders from the Pakistan Army.

Sindhi leaders further stated that the recently found dead bodies prove that Pakistan is not an Islamic Republic country, but a graveyard of human beings, where the state institutions massacre humanity instead of protecting the people. “..from 1971 till date the military operation in Sindh and Balochistan is a proof of this,” said the statement.

“We appeal to the United Nations to take notice against the forced disappearances of political activists of Sindh and Balochistan, and to conduct DNA tests on the recently found bodies. Subsequently a case should be registered against the terrorist state of Pakistan in the international court of justice for war crimes and human rights abuses.”

“We appeal to the European union, Indian government and all permanent members of UNSC (UN Security Council) that an enquiry should be conducted in the international court of justice for the violation of human rights, the massacre of humanity, and the violation of international norms,” reads the joint statement of Sindhi leaders.

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