Hindu temple looted & desecrated in Nawabshah, Sindh

hindu temple looted
Vandalised Hindu temple in Sindh (Photo: News Intervention)

An ancient Hindu temple in Sochi Pada, Tando Adam, District Nawabshah, has been desecrated, with thousands of rupees stolen. The incident occurred at the revered temple dedicated to Hindu Lord Ramapir.

The theft included a silver idol and crown of Lord Ramapir, along with jewelry worth lakhs and other valuable items. The desecration and theft have sparked outrage among the local Hindu community and raised concerns about the safety and preservation of religious sites in the region.

Hindu temples are the most easy targets for looting abd desecration as the Pak establishment itself is involved in these practices. To Islamise the entire region, it had vandalised and desecrated various Hindu temples, some even built hundreds of years ago. These temples are being converted into Mosques, Madrasas, chicken shops, cattle farms and sometimes to even toilets, explaining the ordeal of minority Hindus and their places of worship.

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