Pak-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan leaders demand accountability from Pak Army

POGB Leaders (Photo - News Intervention)

In a recent function of the Awami Action Committee, prominent leaders from Pak-occupied-Gilgit-Baltistan voiced their concerns over governance and called for accountability of Pak Army. They conducted the swearing-in ceremony for the new party members.

Member POGB Nawaz Khan Naji addressed the gathering, emphasizing the need for change. Ehsan Advocate, Chairman of the Awami Action Committee, declared that “the time for accountability of the rulers has come.”

Nawaz Khan Naji drew parallels between people’s power and natural forces. “Just like a river cuts through the hardest rock, the people of this country have the power to break any establishment and find their voice,” he said. Nawaz Khan also compared Pakistan’s situation with China, noting that a satisfied populace leads to national peace.

The speakers criticized the current political landscape, with one asserting that “in Pakistan, the political parties amount to nothing. It’s the public that always finds the way.”

Agha Ali Rizvi emphasized that they are not opponents of individuals but are “opposing the oppressor.” He added, “We are here to listen to you, to listen to them and their policies. We are here to fight your war.”

The leaders also raised concerns about the Pak Army’s role and called for public action. “The Army has been exposed, and it’s the people who have to do justice,” one speaker said. They urged citizens to raise their voices against perceived oppression and hold those in power accountable.

Wazir Hussain, Chairman of Tehreek Pasdaran, addressed environmental issues with criticism directed at the facade of green tourism that has led to ecological destruction for the benefit of the Army and its people.

The gathering highlighted the determination of Baltistan’s people, with one leader saying, “The people of Baltistan do not fear arrest and suppression; they stand for the land and people.”

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