POB: BLF attacks Pak Army in Khuzdar and Mashkay; kills four Pak soldiers

BLF attacks on Pak Army in Khuzdar and Mashkay
BLF (Photo.-BLF)

The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has claimed responsibility for two recent attacks on Pak security forces. According to a statement released by BLF spokesman Major Gwahram Baloch, these attacks resulted in the deaths of four Pak military personnel.

The first incident reportedly occurred on July 6 at approximately 5 PM local time in Bandoki Mashkay. BLF fighters launched an hour-long assault on a military checkpoint using heavy and modern weaponry. The attack is said to have killed three personnel and injured several others.

In a separate attack later that night, at around 11 p.m., BLF fighters targeted another checkpoint in the Sarej Gresha area of Khuzdar district. This assault, carried out with automatic weapons, and resulted in the death of one more security force member.

Major Gwahram Baloch, in his statement, emphasized that these attacks are part of the BLF’s ongoing campaign against the occupying forces. He declared that such operations would continue with increasing intensity until their goal of liberating Balochistan is achieved.

Independence groups like the BLF have been engaged in a long-standing revolution against the Pakistan Army. Since 1948, the Pakistan Army has forcefully occupied the resource-rich region of Balochistan and, to exploit it indefinitely, has launched scathing attacks on the Baloch community.

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