VBMP hunger strike against forced disappearances continues into 15th year

Baloch Activists' Hunger Strike Against Forced Disappearances
VBMP Strike (Photo - X)

The long-running hunger strike camp against forced disappearances in Pak-occupied-Balochistan, organized by the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), has marked its 5,496th day. The camp, located in Quetta, continues to draw attention to the issue of missing persons in the region.

Prominent figures, including Aminullah Baloch and Alauddin Baloch from Nushki, along with Abrar Baloch, General Secretary of BSO Pajjar, visited the camp to express solidarity with the families of the disappeared.

In a statement to the press, Mama Qadir Baloch, Vice Chairman of VBMP, highlighted the challenges faced by the Baloch people. He described the current situation in POB as one of occupation, where legitimate means of livelihood are increasingly scarce, forcing many to resort to illegal activities for survival.

Mama Qadir Baloch criticized the current state of affairs, where the honest citizens are marginalized while corrupt individuals hold positions of power. He emphasized the importance of peaceful struggle and sacrifice for national prosperity and the future generations.

The VBMP leader called upon individuals to fulfill their duties to society and to continue the fight against oppression through non-violent means. He referred to POB as a “land of martyrs,” praising those who have dedicated their lives to the cause of their people.

As the hunger strike enters its 5,497th day, it remains one of the longest-running peaceful protests in the region, drawing both national and international attention to the plight of missing persons in POB.

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