10 Baloch youth arrested 2 yrs ago from Noshki remain “Missing”

Baloch youth arrested from a picnic spot at Noshki, occupied Balochistan on August 31, 2018.
Baloch youth arrested from a picnic spot at Noshki, occupied Balochistan on August 31, 2018.

Ten “missing persons” who were arrested two years ago from Zangi Nawar, a picnic spot in Noshki district of occupied Balochistan remain missing even today and their whereabouts are unknown. As in the earlier cases of “missing persons” these ten Baloch youth were also arrested by the Pakistani security forces and their whereabouts are not known

This unfortunate incident occurred two years ago on August 31, 2018 when the Pakistani forces arrested Mir Ahmed Sami (son of Rehmatullah), Abdul Rab (son of Haji Abdul Majeed), Bilal Ahmed (son of Mir Ahmed Baloch), Abdul Rashid (son of Abdul Razzaq) and Muhammad Asif (son of Muhammad) and five other Baloch youth when they had gone to the picnic spot at Noshki in occupied Balochistan.

It may be recalled that arrest of two of these ten youth was reported a couple of days later from Hazar Ganji area of ​​Quetta by several Pakistani TV channels but no information was received about them later. On the same day, a young Nizam (son of Pir Muhammad Sasoli) was shot dead by the Pakistani security forces.

The relatives of all these abductees have been protesting in front of the Quetta Press Club in the camp of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) for release of their loved ones.

Recently, Bilal Ahmed’s family told in a press conference at Quetta that after his arrest, Bilal Ahmed was not handed over to the police and no FIR was lodged against him, nor was he produced in any court of law. While the Pakistani forces had confirmed his arrest and the news of the arrest was also published in the Daily Jung newspaper and pictures of other detainees including Bilal Ahmed in the custody of Pakistani forces also came to light but later no reference was made to them.

Bilal Ahmed’s family also told in the press conference said that after the arrest, Bilal was not transferred to a jail or produced in any court as per law.

Sami Baloch, another arrested youth was a social and political activist and people from different walks of life have been expressing concerns over his “enforced disappearance”.

During the last two years, Sami Baloch’s father had died along with his youngest daughter. Sami Baloch’s family members are in deep distress due to his enforced disappearance.

According to the VBMP, data of these persons has been collected and is being provided to national and international organizations. On August 31, 2020 the VBMP’s protest for the release of “missing persons” completed its 4,055 days in front of the Quetta Press Club.


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