100 days of Modi govt 2.0: Kashmir cited as the biggest achievement


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that past hundred days of the BJP government have been days of development, trust and big changes in the country. He was speaking at a rally in Haryana. Modi said that in the past 100 days of the government at the Centre, the world and country had seen that India was now capable of “challenging any challenge”, be it decades old or of relating to the future.

“We know how to directly face challenges… Be it the issue of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh or impending water crises. The 130 crore people of the country have started finding new solutions to the problems… To fulfil the aspirations of the people of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh we all have started working with a fresh approach,” he said.

On the occasion of 100-days of Modi government, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar addressed a Press Conference on key decisions taken by the government in the first hundred days of its second term.

“Modi government 2.0 in its first 100 days has made historic and landmark decisions, with speed, be it Jammu and Kashmir or decisions regarding Unlawful Activity Prevention Act or reflections on status of economy. These could be done because the preparations for these decisions began before elections,” Javadekar said.

He added that the theme of the government, he said, is to empower the poor, farmers, labourers, Dalits and all those who did not get their share of development.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi has been working in a decisive and transparent manner, with the vision of development and with the goal of making India a super-economy in the world. He said that the 100 days of the government has been just the beginning, and that many more decisive actions and bold initiatives are going to be made in the coming years. The Minister said this, while addressing a press conference on 100 days of the Government, in Mumbai today.

Javadekar also released a booklet ‘Jan Connect’ and inaugurated an Exhibition on ‘Furthering India’s Development – 100 days of Bold Initiatives & Decisive Actions’. The Booklet contains a compendium of key decisions of the government in hundred days.

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