2022: Baloch freedom fighters killed 636 Pak Army soldiers in 455 attacks

Damage done to the Pak army
Baloch Sarmachaars (freedom fighters) in action. (Representative photo/News Intervention)

The Balochistan Liberation Front, Baloch Liberation Army, Baloch Nationalist Army and Baloch Republican Guard have released their annual report of attacks on the occupying state forces in 2022, according to which a total of 455 attacks were carried out on the occupying Pakistani soldiers, in which more than 636 personnel were killed and those injured surpassed 279.

The report clearly states that “the internally devastated Pakistan and the country’s army, which is on the verge of collapse in the world market, have been attacked by Baloch freedom fighters throughout the year and more than 600 soldiers have been killed”.

Some of the major attacks of 2022 highlighted in the report, includes Fidai attacks on Nushki and Panjgur camps, capture of the Pakistani post in Sabdan Dasht, killing those personnel present in the post and seizing their weapons and other equipments. But the most revered Sarmachar of the year was Shari Baloch, the young mother who sacrificed her life for the freedom of her motherland, Balochistan.

The report hubristically mentions the sacrifices being made by Sarmachars and reminds that the revolutionaries armed with awareness in the streets including the mountains of occupied Balochistan have set out to secure the future of the generations of Baloch by repelling the enemy with a gun and they have been successfully defeating the enemy who are determined to  destroy the bright future of Baloch.

The core reason for establishment of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF),Baloch Liberation Army, Baloch Nationalist Army and Baloch Republican Guard has always been to reinstate the separate Baloch identity and regain motherland’s sovereignty from the occupier Pakistan. Since its establishment, along with armed struggle, they began to create political and ideological awareness about the Baloch nation and has endeavored to bring Baloch people from all walks of life together to join the armed struggle, so that the masses consciously, politically and ideologically get involved in the resistance. Because, the struggle for independence is impossible without the participation of masses.

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