576 cases of enforced disappearances of Baloch by Pak Army in 2023

Paank 2023 report reveals 576 Enforced Disappearances Recorded in POB
576 Enforced Disappearances (Source: X)

Recently Paank released its annual report of 2023 which exposes a grim reality of human rights abuse in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan. The Pak Army has caused an alarming surge in enforced disappearances with a total of 576 recorded cases. The lives of 75 innocent individuals were mercilessly cut short by the Pak Army, falling victim to extrajudicial killings. Equally distressing, 261 survivors endured brutal torture and bear the scars of a heinous violation of human dignity at the hands of the Pak Army.

Balochistan is facing a systematic assault on its humanity by the Pak Army. The Baloch people have endured daily home invasions, abductions for ransom, simulated encounters, target killings, forced disappearances, and torture since March 27, 1948. The resource-rich provinces of Pakistan-occupied Balochistan have been the focus of exploitation, with the Pak Army orchestrating an evil plan to plunder the region’s wealth.

For every life stolen and family shattered the world must demand impartial investigations, target sanctions against the offenders, and a path towards justice for the innocent Baloch community. The world is aware of the courageous resistance of the Baloch people and their outcry for justice, even outside of Balochistan. This cry won’t end until the Baloch people’s voices are heard and they are freed from the enemy’s oppressive hold.

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