66 Baloch women killed in 2022: Aurat foundation

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According to the Aurat Foundation (Islamabad) annual data report, 66 Baloch women were killed in incidents of violence against women in Balochistan in the year 2022.

The survey report of the organization stated that there has been a significant increase in incidents of violence against women in Balochistan. In 2021 the number of Baloch women killed was 57 while  the number took a leap to 66 in 2022. Nineteen women were killed in the name of honor, while in 2021, 28 women were killed for the same reason. In 2022, three women committed suicide owing to domestic conditions. Human rights activists have cited lack of justice as a main reason behind the increasing violence in Balochistan and said that the perpetrators of such incidents should be punished so that these kind of atrocities can come to an end.

Activists working for womens’ rights demanded strict implementation of the law against perpetrators  committing violence against women in Balochistan.

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