A Country Reborn


I saw a revolution emerge today
Power of a people in all its glory
No blood shed heard, no hue and cry
A simple vote was all it took to display
The unbeatable strength of democracy.

For years now its lingered in shadows
Many a tribulation sent to the gallows
The will of masses subdued in a sham
Pain and fears ignored, hope lay low
Scandals abound under promises hollow.

And it simmered deep in all their hearts
And it simmered and it burned to start
A resolve to move the mountains high
And it simmered and then it burnt bright
A fire, an urge to set things right.

And as if a phoenix, he rose above
Winds of a change he brought about
A man of masses, a leader anew
The kind of which existed so few
To drive those forces of tyranny out.

With abated breath, now stands a nation
It’s time for a tryst with destiny again
I belong here like any, a citizen hopeful
I belong to this land we stand to own
I belong now to a country reborn.

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