A public presentation by Armin Navabi: Humanist Association of Ottawa & Atheist Republic Ottawa Consulate


In today’s polarized climate of discourse in the public square, a consistent target of attack has emerged: enlightenment values of free speech, reason, scientific inquiry, and the separation of church and state. Government-backed suppression and execution of non-believers — particularly in Muslim-majority countries — is at the nexus of attention by human rights organizations around the world. Meanwhile, hardliners from both the regressive left and alt-right political extremes have pursued aggressive stances, advocating violence, bigotry and censorship. Beyond voicing outrage about this overall situation, what can be done?

Armin Navabi is author of Why There Is No God, a secular Muslim from Iran and the founder of Atheist Republic, the world’s largest atheist network — a non-profit organization with over 200 consulates worldwide. Atheist Republic is dedicated to offering a safe community for atheists around the world to share their ideas and meet like-minded individuals.

For event information:


The Humanist Association of Ottawa and Atheist Republic Ottawa Consulate are organizing the talk at Sala San Marco, 215 Preston Street. Tickets are $10 for members and $15 for non-members on eventbrite.com, http://tiny.cc/navabi, or at the door.

Date And Time

Sun, September 22, 2019

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT


Sala San Marco Event & Conference Centre

215 Preston Street

Ottawa, ON K1R 7R1

Media Contact

Scott Jacobsen

Press Agent, Atheist Republic


Robert Hamilton



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