Achakzai’s proposal aimed at creating rift between Baloch and Pashtuns: BNM

PKMAP chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai ( Photo: INP)

The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement said that Mehmood Khan Achakzai has tried to create sharp resentment between the Baloch and Pashtun brotherly nations by talking about the restoration of the so-called British Balochistan under the name of Afghaniya. This would only benefit the Punjabis, the occupying and the colonial power and would draw a gulf between the brotherly nations.

 “All those existing problems between Baloch and Pashtun are the creation of the British empire, including two major issues of the Durand line and the McMahon Line, both chalked out by the British”.The spokesperson continued, “Today Mahmood Khan Achakzai is talking about solving the problems between Baloch and Pashtun under the British formula of “divide and rule” instead of mutual efforts and dialogue, which will cause more problems and distance.

He stressed, that there is no hostile contradiction between Balochs and Pashtuns. Both nations are living on their own natural lands. Despite the efforts of the occupying and colonialist Punjabi, the Baloch and Pashtun nations have respected each other and avoided any level of violence.

The spokesman said that Balochs and Pashtuns are slaves of Punjabi and have been deprived of their freedom, but their natural land and boundaries are clear. “We have observed that efforts are made to create animosity and contradiction whenever the so-called Pakistani elections approach. Pashtun leaders are respectable to us, but trying to create rifts in brotherly nations for Pakistani elections will not benefit anyone; only Punjabi colonialism will take advantage of such aggressive behaviour”.

He said that instead of pleasing the Punjabi colonialists, the need of the hour and the national question of the fraternal nations required us to unite and fight for national freedom and eliminate Punjabi colonialism. Only in the form of independence can both brotherly nations, Pashtun and Baloch can live a happy life on their natural lands.

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