Afghans protest against Taliban’s terrorism in Afghanistan

Click on the YouTube link below to watch News Intervention Special Report.
Click on the YouTube link below to watch News Intervention Special Report.

Public anger is rising amongst Afghans, against the Taliban’s forceful capture of Afghanistan. Despite Taliban’s ongoing terrorist activities, the Afghan people (including women) have continued to protest in large numbers.

The Afghan demonstrators chanted slogans against Pakistan and said that Taliban had taken over Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan. The Taliban had to fire in the air to disperse the protesters. Participants in this rally said that the march was peaceful but the Taliban threatened to kill them and the journalists. Thereafter some journalists were beaten.

Click on the YouTube link to watch our video report

Afghan protesters said that the Taliban used abusive language and ordered them to disperse quickly. ‘Taliban said go away or we will kill you all’ Afghan people have rejected Taliban’s forcible occupation of their country, but the Taliban are forcibly suppressing these voices and spreading lies about Afghanistan through their friends in big media houses.


  1. […] The Current CrisisAs hopes that the Taliban might form an inclusive government were fading, but on 22 November, they added 27 new members (deputy ministers, corps commanders and heads of independent departments), but again there was a pre-dominant Pashtun majority and women were shunned. No country has formally recognised the Taliban government in Afghanistan and the country is on the verge of economic collapse. Afghanistan is also facing a threat from the Islamic State, which has ramped up attacks over the last few months. The attacks were universally condemned. The security situation is grim; at some stage the current low-key anti-Taliban resistance, which in itself constitutes of disparate groups with individual agendas (Northern Resistance, Uzbeks, IS and the Fatemiyoun Brigade composed of Afghan Shias, each wanting to establish its sphere of influence) will gather momentum and the stage will be set for a chaotic tragic civil war. […]

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