After fifty years, a film made in Kashmir releases today

Welcome to Kashmir movie to release
Welcome to Kashmir movie poster (Photo: Social Media)

In a historic moment for the Kashmiri film industry, Director Tariq Bhat is set to release the much-anticipated Bollywood film “Welcome to Kashmir.” This film marks a significant milestone for the entire local film community, as it represents the first Hindi movie entirely made by Kashmiris, in Kashmir, for global audiences in last five decades.

“Welcome to Kashmir” boldly addresses pressing issues faced by the people of Kashmir, shedding light on topics such as youth drug addiction, women’s empowerment, and the authentic portrayal of the region and its police force.Led by Ahmad in the male lead role and Mateena Rajput as the female lead, the film’s trailer was unveiled on 6 May generating excitement among eager audiences.

The movie strives to challenge stereotypes and present a positive perspective of Kashmir that is often overlooked in mainstream cinema.

“Welcome to Kashmir” promises to be a cinematic masterpiece that celebrates the spirit, resilience, and untold stories of the people of Kashmir, paving the way for a new era of locally produced films that capture the heart and soul of the valley

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