Pakistan’s ISI uses Yasin Malik’s daughter as a tool to defame India

Yasin maliks daughters speech
Yasin Malik's daughter (Photo: Soical Media)

Once found frequent mention in Jammu and Kashmir, today, Yasin Malik and his notorious JKLF have become irrelevant. And the prime reason for that is the abrogation of Article 370, following which J&K unified with India like never before. It ended the tradition of separatists’ appeasement and started a new tradition of calling spade a spade! Earlier, the terrorists like Yasin Malik veiled as separatist leaders, carried forward every type of illegal activity under the patronage of the contemporary state governments and extended support from terror factory, Pakistan. In one such illegal activity of terror funding, Yasin has been sentenced to life-imprisonment.

Pakistan that has long pulled its hand back from Yasin, has miraculously exploited his daughter to resurrect the unrest in Jammu and Kashmir. In a latest development, Yasin’s daughter Razia Malik spoke at an illegitimate Parliament of the Pak occupied Jammu & Kashmir. A 11-year-old minor girl, who doesn’t even have an idea of what her father has done , called her father a beacon of light for the cause of Kashmir.

She went on to say that his death sentence is a measure to stamp down the cause of Kashmir. The little girl is unaware that the democratic value enshrined institution of Indian Judiciary has sentenced Yasin on the basis of evidence. To put it simply, her father was a terrorist, who has the blood of innocent on his hand, perhaps even some as young as she.  So, either she is inspired by her father’s morals which see the “Cause of Kashmir” as terrorism or she is just a pawn of Pakistan like her father was. The chances of latter are extremely high!

ISI Exploiting Invincible Ignorance Of Yasin Malik’s Daughter

Pakistan has a history of use and throws when it comes to terrorists in Kashmir. The ISI has even ditched Yasin in his so-called fight for the so-called “Cause of Kashmir.” Actually, ISI created JKLF to wage a proxy war against India in J&K. According to experts, JKLF lacked confidence and hence, the ISI created Hizbul Mujahiddin dumping JKLF. Then, in order to be relevant, JKLF having no option, announced to leave the path of violence and tried to appease ISI with different tactics from time-to-time. As Razia spoke of hoping to meet her father and spend quality time with him, maybe in that quality time, Yasin should also advise her to not get exploited and trapped in nefarious agenda of the ISI.

In her speech, she also said that if anything happens to her father, she would blame PM Modi for that. She is unaware that Yasin glorified the killings of a judge and unarmed Air Force officials by his organization JKLF. And that too, in a program on a global channel. He and his organization killed those who also had children who cared about their father.

Her so-called address is motivated by only two factors. The first is an attempt by Pakistan to squeeze the last available benefit from Yasin that it could. The second is the invincible ignorance of minor Razia, which is being exploited by the ISI.  

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