Altaf Hussain calls India’s partition a sin, endorses Akahand Bharat

Altaf Hussain, Founder and Leader Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM). (Photo: News Intervention)
Altaf Hussain, Founder and Leader Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM). (Photo: News Intervention)

Sindh’s mass leader Altaf Hussain labelled India’s independence as ‘incomplete’; partition a ‘sin’ and called for a restoration of her boundaries to the pre-1947 status as it existed before English invasion and colonisation. Hussain echoed the sentiments of a large majority of Indians on partition, and has virtually endorsed the vision of “Akhad Bharat” (undivided India).

“We cannot call it true independence until India’s borders are restored to pre-partitions days, and the demography is restored to pre-British colonisation days,” Altaf Hussain said during his address to MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) workers. The theme of Hussain’s lecture was “Incomplete Independence of India.”

Hussain further explained that thanks to the sacrifices of great leaders and freedom fighters, India attained independence in 1947 but this was an incomplete independence. “I ask the Indian leaders, historians, intellectuals, poets, writers, journalists, analysts and students whether all those leaders of the Indian independence movement had sacrificed their lives for complete independence of India or for a partitioned India?” Altaf Hussain asked without mincing his words.

Hussain added that Indian freedom movement was not for ‘incomplete’ independence. “The leaders of India, who called Muhammad Ali Jinnah responsible for the partition and an agent of British had also accepted India’s partition. Then what is the difference between Jinnah and them? How can those who sacrificed everything for the complete independence of India and those who have not yet recognised India’s partition till date be ignored?” queried Altaf Hussain. He went on to elaborate that the joys of India’s independence are incomplete until geographically her borders are not restored to the pre-partition regions.

Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) were part of India before the Indian subcontinent was partitioned on August 15, 1947. Both India and Pakistan were part of Indian subcontinent with a history spanning thousands of years and inhabited by Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and followers of several other religions, sects and beliefs. “With the advent of colonial era the Britishers began to occupy other countries with the help of modern technology and military might. The British empire had spread over such a large part of earth that Sun was always shining on some part of its empire.”

“India was divided by the British, a British viceroy sat down and drew a line in the middle and that led to India’s partition. As a result of that partition not only the geography of India but also the families were divided, the heritage of families, the society, the civilisation and the culture all were divided. This is an unprecedented mockery of history in the name of freedom,” clarified Hussain.

Hussain said that India’s partition was the biggest mistake of history. This partition is a major sin and the biggest crime due to which the people of India and Pakistan are still suffering. “If there was no partition people on both sides would not had had to migrate, nor would our forefathers had to leave their homeland where they had been living for thousands of years and come to Pakistan. And we would not have been treated like strangers here in Pakistan. We would not have been treated with prejudice. We would not have needed to form the MQM.”

An emotional Altaf Hussain further explained: “Now our life is connected with Sindh, and Sindh is our homeland and we want to see Sindh as free.”

Addressing the Mohajirs he said that if a nation is not ready to break the chains of slavery and becomes accustomed to wearing the shackles of compulsion, then slavery, humiliation and disgrace will be their destiny from generation to generation.

“Therefore, you have to take off the veil of expediency, cowardice and selfishness and fight for the survival of your nation and for dignified life and for the better future of coming generations.”

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