Altaf Hussain: Pak regime wants to turn Karachi into Chinatown

Mohajir properties across Karachi are being selectively demolished by the Pakistani regime in order to make room for China and convert Sindh’s port city into a satellite colony of Punjab province, said Altaf Hussain, founder Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). Altaf Hussain is Sindh’s mass leader and has been fighting for the rights of Sindhi people over the last several decades. 

In his address Altaf Hussain said that the Pakistani regime has entered into an agreement with China and made promises to the imperialist Chinese government that Pakistani security forces would clear Karachi so that buildings can be built according to their whims.

In a late night operation conducted on December 4/5 Pakistan Army demolished the walls of Lal Qila Ground near MQM’s (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) head office at Azizabad in Karachi. This demolition was an overt attempt by Rawalpindi to forcefully stop the huge Sindhi congregation scheduled for December 9 — the martyr’s day, at the Lal Qila Ground.

Broken chunks of the wall of Lal Qila Ground after being razed by the Pakistani regime on night of December 4/5 2021. (Photo: News Intervention)
Broken chunks of the wall of Lal Qila Ground after being razed by the Pakistani regime on night of December 4/5 2021. (Photo: News Intervention)

Recently the Pakistani regime had also demolished the residential building Nasla Tower in Karachi through a diktat from the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Altaf Hussain condemned this demolition in strict words and said that the demolition of Mohajir settlements and their eviction is akin to their economic assassination. He further explained that this demolition was ordered by Saqib Nisar, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Pakistan.

“On his (Saqib Nisar’s) brutal order, thousands of legal houses of the Mohajirs were demolished in Karachi by declaring them as illegal. Then came the present Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad who, like Saqib Nisar, continued to demolish houses and shops in Karachi at the behest of the Pakistan Army,” said Altaf Hussain in his address.

He further added that after demolishing thousands of houses, shops and markets in Gujranwala, Railway Colony, Musa Colony, Gharibabad, Orangi Town, Garden, Empress Market, Allah Din Park and other areas in Karachi, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Pakistan, Gulzar Ahmad, ordered Nasla Tower, the multi- storied residential building in Karachi to be demolished. 

“Residents who bought flats legally, had received NOC (no objection certificate) and who had been saving money throughout their lives have been evicted and the Nasla Tower is being demolished while none of the people who built this tower have been caught,” said Altaf Hussain.

Altaf Hussain termed both Chief Justice Saqib Nisar and Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad are oppressors. “They are kings of oppressors and tyrants. Their crime is so big that they should be hanged publicly and their bodies should be left for days.”

He further added that Supreme Court Pakistan has double standards. “It is demolishing the Nasla Tower in Karachi but regularized the illegal Grand Hyatt Tower of Islamabad because it has flats of generals, judges of the Supreme Court and other influential personalities. Similarly, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Saqib Nisar has regularized the illegal occupation of Bani Gala by Prime Minister Imran Khan with a small fine.”

Altaf Hussain explained that common people’s home in Karachi is being demolished but commercial plazas, wedding halls, cinemas and other business centers established on the land provided for defense are still standing, and the Supreme Court Pakistan has not ordered their demolition.

He added that the Supreme Court Pakistan is under the boot of the Pakistan Army and its decisions are given at the behest of the army. “Nobody believed it earlier but today my words have come true as evidence is coming in front of people that the Chief Justice of Pakistan is punishing the people and making decisions at the behest of the army.”

Altaf Hussain explained in his address that the Supreme Court Pakistan had played a huge role in the destruction and ruin of Pakistan by legitimizing every Marshal Law and supporting every wrong and illegal steps of the Pakistan Army.

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