American President Joe Biden inspired by PM Modi, wants autograph

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (right) with US President Joe Biden (left). (Photo: Reuters)

In a surprising turn of events, US President Joe Biden recently found himself captivated by the immense popularity of India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Known for his big brotherly attitude and superiority complex, United States and its presidents are not often associated with feelings of insecurity. However, as the growing admiration for PM Modi became apparent, even the most powerful leaders sometimes feel a twinge of self-doubt.

During the recent Quad meeting in Hiroshima, Biden seized an opportunity to engage in a candid conversation with Prime Minister Modi. Astonishingly, the US president confessed that he had been inundated with an overwhelming number of requests from prominent citizens eager to attend the Indian PM’s upcoming state visit to Washington DC. This influx of interest in Modi’s programs left Biden with a unique challenge he had not anticipated.

Even Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, also present at the meeting, expressed his own struggles in managing the avalanche of requests to attend PM Modi’s events. Albanese mentioned how, despite having a capacity of 20,000 for a community reception in Sydney, he was still unable to accommodate all the enthusiastic invitees. This unusual predicament left both Biden and Albanese turning to Modi, seeking advice on how to handle their peculiar challenges.

Recalling the staggering reception PM Modi received during a victory lap at the Narendra Modi stadium, where over 90,000 people joyously welcomed him, Albanese couldn’t help but reminisce. It was during this moment that Biden couldn’t resist remarking to Modi, “I should take your autograph.”

The scene was set in March earlier this year, as Modi and Albanese attended an India-Australia test match at the iconic Gujarat stadium. Taking a lap of honor, they witnessed firsthand the extraordinary adoration bestowed upon the Indian Prime Minister. Little did they know that this experience would ignite a sense of awe and inspiration in the heart of President Biden himself.

As Biden grappled with the overwhelming popularity surrounding PM Modi, it was a humbling reminder that even the mightiest nations can find themselves marveling at the charisma and mass appeal of a leader from a distant land. This unexpected encounter showcased the vulnerability that lies beneath the surface of even the most confident individuals.

While the United States may be accustomed to wielding influence on the global stage, this encounter with Modi’s undeniable charm and the fervor of his supporters served as a powerful reminder that true leadership transcends borders. In that moment, President Biden recognized the impact and reach of Prime Minister Modi, and he couldn’t help but acknowledge his own insecurities.

So, as we witness this rare glimpse of vulnerability and admiration, it becomes evident that no matter how powerful a nation or its leaders may be, the allure of another’s success can occasionally stir feelings of insecurity. In this case, PM Modi’s growing popularity has humbled even the most influential figures, leaving them seeking his autograph and wondering what it is about him that captivates the hearts and minds of so many.

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