Amitabh Bachchan shares interesting story behind the title ‘Don’


Big B recently shared the story behind the title of his 1978 blockbuster “Don”, saying that many industry veterans were not happy with the choice of the film’s name. He wrote about it in his blog on the occasion of 41st anniversary of the release of “Don”, which is one of the most popular characters essayed by him.

“‘Don’ was a name title that no one in the market approved of. They never understood what it meant and never felt that a name such as ‘DON’ was material for the title of a Hindi film. In fact, if truth be told… for many it was quite an amusing title,” Bachchan wrote on his blog.

Sharing a funny anecdote on the film title’s comparison with a “very popular brand of vests”, he wrote, “They were carrying the name ‘DAWN’. DON phonetically sounded much like that brand of undergarment in the market. There was consternation in titling a film that conveyed an undergarment.”

The actor revealed after the release of Hollywood classic “Godfather”, the title ‘Don’ became “respectable”. “Much later, of course, with the ‘Godfather’ series the word garnered enough publicity and reckoning, to be respectable enough. But till then, initially, it was in the realm of humour.”

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